West Virginia Cave Conservancy Newsletters

A Wealth of information on conservation efforts, geology and historical background, as well as insight to the diligence, persistence, and connectivity required of dedicated WVCC volunteers, landowners, and community to preserve our cave heritage can be found in our WVCC newsletters.

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WVCC Newsletter 19 2012 Summer, PDF File 4.6MB

PDF File 4.6MB

No. 19 2012 Summer, PDF File 4.6MB

• From the President, Haynes Cave Donation   Carroll Bassett

• Haynes Cave   Fred Grady

• WVCC is in the Black   Bob Hoke

• Membership Report   Pauline Apling

• WVCC Donors   Bob Hoke

• Update on the Wild Cat Entrance to Culverson Creek   Bill Balfour

• “Spelunking” Added to West Virginia’s Recreational Liability Law   John Pearson

• Talk Back To Us   Alex Sproul

WVCC Newsletter 18 2010 Summer, PDF File 0.3MB

PDF File 0.3MB

No. 18 2010 Summer, PDF File 0.3MB

• Return of the Great WVCC Fun-draisers!!   Jeff Bray

• The Richard J. Bantel Cave Preserve   Bill Balfour

• Local Landowner Receives Prestigious Recognition   

• Thanks Doug!   


PDF File 0.8MB

No. 17 2010 Spring, PDF File 0.8MB

• President’s Message   Frank Abbato

• Lightners Management Committee Report   John E. Pearson

• Maxwelton Sink Cave Update   Jeff Bray

• 2009 WVCC Elections   


PDF File 0.3MB

No. 16 2009 Fall, PDF File 0.3MB

• What Lies Beneath
   Touring a cave with local caving enthusiasts
  Tiffany Arnold

• Haynes Cave   Fred Grady

• Some Interesting Karst Facts   Bob Handley

• MAYACON 2012:  2012 NSS Convention Logo Contest   

• Maxwelton Sink Cave Preserve Update   Jeff Bray

• Maxwelton Donation   

• Annual Banquet   

• It’s Election Time!   Alex Sproul


PDF File 2.1MB

No. 15 2009 Spring, PDF File 2.1MB

• Haynes Cave Clean-Up Trip   Pauline Apling

• Cave Bats and the Caving Moratoriums   Bob Handley

• Election of WVCC Directors   

• The Fuller Entrance to the Culverson Creek System   Lois and Cliff Lindsay

• Some Interesting Facts About West Virginia Cave Conservancy Caves   Bob Handley