PDF File 2.3MB

No. 14 2008 Summer, PDF File 2.3MB

• President’s Message   Bob Handley

• Donaldson Cave Clean-Up Trip   Pauline Apling

• WVCC Membership Update   Pauline Apling

• Island ford Cave Clean-Up Trip   Marian McConnell

• An Open and Shut Case   Ed Saugstad

• Third National Cave and Karst Conservancies Forum   


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No. 13 2008 Spring, PDF File 0.5MB

• President’s Message   Bob Handley

• llth Annual WVCC Banquet November 8, 2008   

• WVCC Membership Update   Pauline Apling

• Landowner Liability Issues   John E. Pearson

• White Nose Syndrome   Meredith HallJohnson

• Donaldson Cave Clean-UpTrip   Pauline Apling

• Donaldson Cave   Pauline Apling

• Lightners Update   John £. Pearson

• The Lightners Entrance to McClungs Cave   John E. Pearson

• 2007 Donations to WVCC-Thanks!!   Bob Hoke

• Rapps Cave Report   Bob Handley

• WVCC Banquet Hits the ‘Broadway’ of Lewisburg   Jeff Bray

• Persingers Update   John E. Pearson


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No. 12 2007 Summer, PDF File 4.4MB

• Rapps Cave: Before and After   

• New President’s Message   Bob Handley

• WVCC Membership Update   Pauline Apling

• The Inevitability of Change   Jeff Bray

• Donaldson Cave Clean-Up   Pauline Apling

• Maxwelton Sink Cave Project Continuing….   Jeff Bray

• Island Ford Cave Update   Alex Sproul

• Lightners Cave Update   Meredith Hall Johnson

• Have I Got A Deal For You!   Cliff Lindsay

• Rapps Cave Gate   Bob Handlcy

• Rapps Cave Gate Personnel   

• Rapps Cave Gating Project   Buddy Lane

• Snippets on Rapps Cave Gating   John F. Pearson

• Thoughts on Cave Gating   Craig Hindman

WVCC Newsletter 11 2006 Spring, PDF File 5.7MB

PDF File 5.7MB

No. 11 2006 Spring, PDF File 5.7MB

• President’s Column   Jeff Bray

• WVCC Membership Update   Pauline Apling

• The Second National Cave and Karst Conservancies Forum (Preliminary agenda)   John E. Pearson

• 2006 Annual WVCC Members’ Banquet   

• Maxwelton Sink Cave Conservation Day   Jeff Bray

• Persinger Changing Area (a.k.a. the Wooden Stonehenge)   John E. Pearson

• Haynes Cave Clean-Up Trip   Pauline Apling

• First-Time Cavers Visit Island Ford Cave   C. Michael Stinson

• City of Lewisburg Has Sewer System Carved By Nature   Hinton Daily News

WVCC Newsletter 10 2005 Fall, PDF File 0.7MB

PDF File 0.7MB

No. 10 2005 Fall, PDF File 0.7MB

• WVCC Thanks Its Outgoing Personnel   Jeff Bray

• Rapps Cave Archeological Report   Bob Handley

• Donaldson Cleanup Trip   Pauline Apling

• WVCC Hosts Alien Invasion   Alex Sproul

• Monongahela National Forest Letter From the President   Jeff Bray

• Explanation of the President’s Letter…   Bob Handley

• West Virginia Cave Conservancy Banquet   Ruth Williams

• WVCC in 2005 A Look at the Year in Pictures