WVCC Newsletter 09 2005 Spring, PDF File 3.5MB

PDF File 3.5MB

No. 09 2005 Spring, PDF File 3.5MB

• Markin’ Up the Place   Jeff Bray

• This Cave Protected by Video!   Alex Sproul

• Maxwelton Sink Cave – A Jewel in the Valley   Jeff Bray

• Cavin’ To The Max – A Surveyor’s Viewpoint of the Maxwelton Sink Resurvey   Ed Saugstad

WVCC Newsletter 08 2004 Summer, PDF File 5.6MB

PDF File 5.6MB

No. 08 2004 Summer, PDF File 5.6MB

• 2004 National Cave Conservancies Forum, April 15-17, 2004, Lewisburt, West Virginia   John Pearson

• Conser-Vacation Cleanup Day at the John Guilday Cave Preserve   Bob Hoke

• Persinger Tree Planting Weekend   John Pearson

• WVCC Enters Into Memorandum of Understanding with the WV Division of Natural Resources   Jeff Bray

• The President’s Column   Jeff Bray

• Island Ford Cleanup Scheduled   John Pearson

• Donaldson Cave Clean-up Trip   Bob Hoke

WVCC Newsletter 07 2003 Winter, PDF File 2.8MB

PDF File 2.8MB

No. 07 2003 Winter, PDF File 2.8MB

• Donaldson Cave Gate Installed   Bob Hoke

• Digging for Caves   William K. Jones & David C. Culver

• Another Chance to Double Your Money   Cliff Lindsay

• New Informational Kiosk at Island Ford Cave   Alex Sproul

• President’s Column   Jeff Bray

WVCC Newsletter 06 2002 Fall, PDF File 0.6MB

PDF File 0.6MB

No. 06 2002 Fall, PDF File 0.6MB

• Jeff Bray – New President of WVCC   Bob Handley

• Patience and Persistence   Bob Handley

• Persinger’s Entrance to Benedict’s Cave (14.746 Miles of Passage/ 254 Feet Deep)   Bob Handley

• Searching for Maxwelton Sink Cave-2002 Style   Jeff Bray

• More “Old-But-New” Cave in the Greenbrier Valley   Jeff Bray

• New Board Member: Alex Sproul   Alex Sproul

• WVCC Interactive Web Site   Charlie Williams

WVCC Newsletter No. 04 2001 Summer, PDF File 1.6MB

PDF File 1.5MB

No. 05 2002 Spring, PDF File 1.5MB

• Island Ford Cave Preserve Committee Holds first Meeting    Tim Brown

• WVCC Heritage Society    Tim Brown

• Lightners Entrance to McClung’s Cave Preserve Open Cave Event    Tim Brown

• WVCC att the National Cave and Karst Management Symposium    Jeff Bray

• Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?  Initiating Steps for Preserving West Virginia’s Cave and Karst Terrain    Jeff Bray

• The West Virginia Cave Conservancy – Growing Through Acquisition Problems and Their Solutions    Jeff Bray