West Virginia Cave Conservancy

Books Available for Auction

This chart lists the books that have been donated to the Conservancy for resale.  Any book on the list may be purchased at the Silent Auction at the WVCC banquet on November 8, 2014.

If you are interested in having a book placed in the auction, please contact Bob Hoke from the our WVCC contact page .

Title Author Date Format Comments
BOOKS  IN  ENGLISH: 8/15/2014
2000 NSS Convention Guidebook (w/ maps) NSS 2000 Paper
A Dictionary of Mountaineering Collomb 1958 Hard
American Caving Accidents Steve Knutson 1976-79 paper
British Caving Ed by Cullingford 1964 reprint Hard
Bulletin 3 Index to literature WVASS 1974 Paper
Caverns,Ice Caves, Sink Holes… Part I Junius Henderson 1932 Paper Univ of Colorado Studies
Caverns,Ice Caves, Sink Holes… Part II Junius Henderson 1933 Paper Univ of Colorado Studies
Caves and Cave Diving Guy De Lavaur 1958 reprint Hard Charles Pease stamp
Caves of Mulu Ed. Brook and Waltham 1978 Paper Sarawak
Caving and Potholing Judson and Champion 1981 Paper British Isles
Costa Rica Project NSS Bulletin 1989 Paper
Exploring America Underground (9 copies) Nat. Geographic 23529 Paper
Genetic Relations Caves Landforms Miotke and Palmer 1972 Paper Mammoth Cave Nat’l Park
History of Laurel Caverns Paul Damon 1976 Paper Pennsylvania
Manual of Caving Techniques Cullingford 1969 Hard
One Thousand Metres Down Jean Cadoux 1957 Hard
Radiant Darkness Bogli and Frank 1967 Hard
Speleo Digest (1970) NSS 1970 Paper
Speleo Digest (1971) NSS 1971 Paper
Speleology – The Study of Caves Moore and Nicholas 1964 Paper
Surveying Caves Bryan Ellis 1976 Paper British
Symposium on Cave Hydrology Cave Research Group 24959 Paper
The Caverns and Mines of Matlock Bath Flindall and Hayes 1976 Paper 1 The Nestus Mines:
The Caves of Northwest Clare Ireland Ed by Tratman Unknown Hard
The Story of Caves Dorothy Sterling Rev ed 1966 Paper
Water Tracers Cookbook Missouri Speleology 27942 Paper Missing a page
Water Tracers Cookbook Missouri Speleology Vol 16 #3 Paper
Au Coeur Des Montagnes Pierre d’Ursel 1960 Paper
Dans La Nuit Des Abimes Pierre d’Ursel unkn Paper
Grottes et Abimes Pierre Boulanger 1966 Hard
Guide de L’Aven D’Orgnac Robert de Joly unkn Paper
La Speleologie Scientifique Bernard Geze unkn Paper
La Speleologie Robert de Joly 1947 Paper
Le Monde Secret des Cavernes Nathan ukn Hard
Traite De Speleologie Felix Trombe 1952 Paper uncut pages