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Karst Pollution and Water Quality Threats are Real . . . . . We Need Your Help!

West Virginia and Virginia are famous for caves, karst, and plentiful springs. These natural features are threatened daily by pollution, careless acts, and land development.

Once destroyed, cave formations and underground environments cannot be replaced. When ground water is polluted, we all suffer the consequences.

The success of the West Virginia Cave Conservancy can be possible only with the support of cavers, landowners, land use planners, outdoor enthusiasts, and others who understand the importance of and karst and caves.

Success is up to YOU!

Your membership and donations allow us to purchase caves for protection and manage their resources well. In addition, you also support our education and conservation activities.

Help protect the quality of our water and our cave resources. Join the WVCC or make a donation to help our vision of protecting the network under our feet.

The West Virginia Cave Conservancy

The West Virginia Cave Conservancy (WVCC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving and protecting important cave and karst resources of the Virginias for future generations.

Caves contain a fragile beauty only found underground. In addition, their streams and passages provide irreplaceable environments for specially adapted, and often rare, species of animals, most of which could not survive elsewhere.

Protecting karst (limestone) landscapes is critical to our supply of clean drinking water. Rural areas of West Virginia and Virginia rely heavily on water from springs and wells in limestone.

The West Virginia Cave Conservancy, Inc. is a volunteer, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation, chartered in West Virginia.