Newsletter 11 2006


WVCC Newsletter 11 2006 Spring, PDF File 5.7MB

PDF File 5.7MB


No. 11 2006 Spring, PDF File 5.7MB

• President’s Column (Jeff Bray)

• WVCC Membership Update (Pauline Apling)

• The Second National Cave and Karst Conservancies Forum (Preliminary agenda) (John E. Pearson)

• 2006 Annual WVCC Members’ Banquet

• Maxwelton Sink Cave Conservation Day (Jeff Bray)

• Persinger Changing Area (a.k.a. the Wooden Stonehenge) (John E. Pearson)

• Haynes Cave Clean-Up Trip (Pauline Apling)

• First-Time Cavers Visit Island Ford Cave (C. Michael Stinson)

• City of Lewisburg Has Sewer System Carved By Nature (Hinton Daily News)