WVCC Privacy Policy

Personal information you share with WVCC is for the use of WVCC only. Personal information is NEVER passed to outside marketers or commercial mailing lists.
Website Communications
• Comments, where allowed on the website, may be publicly posted if they are on topic and pass filters.
• Comments automatically capture email addresses but email addresses are not shared with the public (unless of course you place your email address in the comment).
• Contact Form messages are private to WVCC associates and are never automatically displayed on the website. If, however, you believe your content should be considered for posting, such as news, concerns, and announcements, please include permission to do so.
• Contact Forms capture email addresses when provided by the user.
• IP addresses and non-personal information are captured for Comments and Contact Forms.
Website Statistics
Numerical IP addresses and non-personal information are collected by programs that compile website statistics. Statistical programs may also use tracking cookies.
Website Security
Website security software collects numerical IP addresses and non-personal information for comparative analysis to minimize security threats. Security programs may also use tracking cookies.
Website Payments
When making PayPal payments to WVCC, only PayPal, with their extensive security measures, retains financial details of those transactions. Financial details are NOT stored on WVCC website.
Internet Security
The Internet is not anonymous. Never assume anonymity when using the Internet.
To Minimize Internet Exposure
• Set your browser and search engine options to not track cookies.
• Delete your cookies during and after Internet sessions.